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Indian Weddinng Cards
Indian Weddinng Cards

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Scroll Weddinng Cards

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Scroll Weddinng Invitations
Scroll Weddinng Invitations

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Hindu Wedding Invitations

These cards are perfect to grace those special cherished moments in your life.

Hindu Wedding Cards

The wedding RSVP cards are usually small, not more than three inches on a side.

Hindu Wedding Invitations

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Wedding Invitations

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Luxurious Invitation Cards and Scrolls by Universal

The invitation cards for Indian weddings have a special significance. They are used as documents to invite friends and relatives to participate in the enjoyment with details of all events, timings and venue of the wedding. In India they are known as lagnapatrika. Invitations are a sort of request to the guests to extend their blessings to the newly wedded couple. Guests are necessary for any wedding in India. Also the formal invitations are a matter of honor and prestige for people.

Usually Indians give preference to the cards that have traditional features. Mostly the cards bear the picture of Lord Ganesha as it is believed in Hindu mythology that His blessings are essential for any good or new work. Many mythological events are also depicted on the cards.

The invitation goes from the eldest member of the family on each side, usually the grandparents.

The language on the cards can vary according to the region or tradition. As India is a multi linguistic nation it has a varied spectrum of languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telegu, English and many others. The Sanskrit mantras from our Vedas make the wedding cards quite interesting.

The Indian wedding cards are made of very vibrant and different textured material. The cost of cards ranges from Rs.10/- to Rs.100/- per wedding card or even more. The cards are available to suit the traditions and beliefs of different communities in India.

Indian marriages are full of fun and energy. Many small rituals and functions adorn the marriages. Details of the special events like sangeet, mehendi and cocktail parties are mentioned on the enclosures with the cards. This is to make the guests comfortable to attend any or all the functions according to their convenience.

If you get a chance then do attend an Indian wedding!


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